Introduction: Double Saddle Rack

A saddle rack is a necessity in a rancher and cowboys life. Every cowboy knows the struggle of finding a place to put all those saddles without taking up space. Here we have a two saddle rack.

Step 1: Getting Started

1. First, you will start by gathering up your materials, Here we used recycled wood we already had. You will need them to by smoothed with sandpaper and you can even put a top coat to make it extra smooth and shiny. You will also need a drill. By choice, you can get paint and other materials to decorate your rack.

Step 2:

First, make sure all your wood is cut to size. Keep in mind that the size is optional, whether you want it shorter or taller all depends on you. Since ours is a two saddle rack, it’s a bit taller. Ours is 22” L x 28” W x 5’ H

Step 3:

The base is very important since it’s going to be holding all the weight. This isn’t a wall mounted rack, so the base needs to be flat and sturdy. The base is L shaped with two pieces of wood connecting both the bottom and back wood. It’s easy if you follow along with the pictures on top. Screw those woods together.

Step 4:

Once the base is done, you want to start on the part that the saddle will sit on.

Step 5:

When making the part in which the saddle sits on, you want it to match the shape of the underpart of the saddle, so like a smooth v shape. You want to make two of those for the two saddles.

Step 6:

Once you have your base and saddle holder part, you need to connect them all. Any type of screws works well, as long as its long enough to go through the thickness of the woods, and also, the thickness of the wood is completely in your hands. As long as its sturdy.

Step 7:

The best part about this saddle rack is that a lot is in your hands. You can basically choose exactly how you want it to be. The instructions are simple and easy. The best part is getting to decorate it how you want. And voila, you can put your saddles on.