Introduction: Double Sensor Graphs With Processing

Usually Processing is used to display single sensor values as graph

However, It is also possible to display two or even multiple sensor values as graphs

Step 1: Things Needed

These are the thing you will need

1. PC

2. Arduino Uno

3. USB A to B cable for connecting arduino to your PC

4. Processing

5. Breadboard

6. Two 47K ohm resistors

7. Two Flex sensors(You could use any sensor you want)

8. Connecting wires

Step 2: Circuit Connection

Two Flex sensors are connected as a voltage Divider circuit

Bend the flex sensor to increase the resistance

Step 3: Arduino Uno Code

What we are going to do in the code

1. Get the sensor value of first sensor

2. Get the sensor value of second sensor

3. Both the sensor values are to be separated by dot

4. Send it as a single value

5. Introduce a new line character /n

6. Introduce Delay

7. Repeat the code

Step 4: Processing Code

The details of the code are given in the comments

1. Create a rectangular screen

2. Create two rectangles on this screen

3. Split the sensor values using dot as delimiter

4. Map the values to the corresponding rectangle

Step 5: Displaying the Graph

1. Press the Run button in processing

2. A window will appear

3. Bend the sensors for variation in graph values