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Introduction: Double Spaces Inhaler

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I never use any inhaler before, but I can see that the plastic container is well built and smooth. Then I think of taking out the cotton wicks and keep something else inside. Turning it to be a pendant or a pen in disguise with secrets inside. Keep reading and find out what I am going to do with two inhalers.

Materials :

  • 2 inhaler containers, buy only the containers if possible but mostly they are sold in bulk.
  • Paperclips (large size or small will do).
  • All purpose adhesive (quick dry and strong).

Tools :

  • Cutter.
  • Wire cutter.
  • A small file.
  • 1 mm drill bit.
  • Ruler.
  • Marker

I think those are all you need with extra paint at your wish.

Step 1: Dismantle Your Inhalers

Remove the seal caps from the bottom of the inhalers. You might need a cutter but do it very slowly and carefully. These caps will not be used in this project anyway. Take out the cotton wicks and simply put it somewhere in your room for a couple of days.

Step 2: Double Threaded

Now we join the threaded parts of the containers together. I also removed the grip a little, you can say half from each side, but I cut it off at one side and cut half off the other because I feel it too wide and ugly. Apply some glue at the inside to get a stronger bond.

Step 3: Make It Shorter

Now I cut the inhaler to make it shorter, so that I have some space between the inhaler and its container. The inhaler has a slope from one end to another. When we remove the middle part and joining the two ends, we need to file the connection to get a smooth bonding surface.

Step 4: Pin Holes

Normally there are four holes on the standard inhaler near the grip. We mark two holes accross the inhaler that we are going to use. Now we measure from the grip to the holes on the inhaler, mine is 1 cm. Put a mark on your grip inline with the hole. Do the same for the opposite hole.

Put it in the container. At the marks on the grip, measure 1 cm and put marks on the container. We are going to drill the container to make holes at the sampe position with the holes on the inhaler. Use 1 mm drill bit and simply twist it with your fingers. This plastic container is easy to drill with fingers. If you did a perfect measurement before, then your drill bit will get across the container and inhaler as in the last photo.

Step 5: The Pin

Now we have two containers and a short double-threaded inhaler.
  • Straighten a large paperclip.
  • Bend it on the container at the middle of the paperclip.
  • Measure the paperclip on the container with holes, from the holes to 5 mm or 7 mm further from the container's end (see photo #4) so that we can use it as pendant or keychain (I know it is too long and feel so bad as a pendant or keychain, but you have those options). Cut off the excessive paperclip.
  • Bend the paperclip's ends inward at about 2 mm (see photo #3). These ends get into the container's holes and inhaler's holes but should not be seen from inside the inhaler. This is the locking mechanism for the container. When the pin is in, you won't be able to twist open the container.

Step 6: How to Use

I fold a one-hundred-thousand bill (rupiah -- we called it pink bill, about USD$10) into a very small piece and put it inside the locked part of the container (that has holes on it). I put the inhaler in and put the locking pin in. People won't see it and most will not realize if there is a space beneath. Then I fold another ten-thousand bill (rupiah -- we called it purple bill, about USD$1) and put it in the unlock container.

Maybe some of you will ask, why should I do that? In my scenario, when I were robbed and I brought no money at that moment, the robber won't be satisfied if he got nothing and my life will be the target if he got mad. I offered him my purple bill from a cheap plastic container and said that it was all I got and he could get one meal with that. Hopefully he wouldn't take my "cheap plastic container" with him (-.-")

Use the pin (paperclip) to take out the pink bill. Just push one end of the pin in and then pull it out, the bill will get stuck on the bended pin's end. This pink bill will keep me survive for few days (around 10 meals of Nasi Padang).

Optionally, I painted it with metallic grey and design simple and attractive pin and put it between my pens. I can keep my data inside a microSD card and put the card inside the locked part of the container. Let the secret hidden in the crowd on my tabletop.

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    5 years ago

    you can buy brand new un-assembale inhaler tubes on (12 in a pack) that come in 12 white or 12 colored. Mine were 2 each of pink, yellow, purple, green, blue, & black. I use them for making my own essential oil blend inhalers, but I really like your hidden storage idea! Really neat idea. Definitely going to give this a try! Thanks!!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yes. I'm glad to see what you come up with (or any modification applied). Please kindly share it here as "I made it!" ^^

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Good idea. That is a place that most people wouldn't think to look.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you. Yes, secret is always kept away from eyes. Open area is the best place to hide (in disguise).