Double Village Seed!!!! 0.9.0

Introduction: Double Village Seed!!!! 0.9.0

About: 13 years old born 2/15/01 love minecraft and fun stuff. Nice,smart,funny

Finally this update came out!!!

Step 1: The Seed

The seed is -1006519354

Step 2: Generate

Step 3: Spawn

You'll spawn and the first thing you'll see is a desert village

Step 4: 1st Village

The first village is a desert village with no chest and has food

Step 5: 2nd Village

The second village is a normal village with one chest and lots of food. The chest has a iron pic and some apples and iron boots

Step 6: Want More Seeds

If u want more seeds type yes in the comments

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    6 years ago

    Cool I bet there are to many chickens you have no time to kill them


    6 years ago

    Try the seed johnny appleseed