Double X Bracelet (monstertail Loom)

Introduction: Double X Bracelet (monstertail Loom)

This is what your bracelets will look like when you're done. Colors may differ.

Step 1: Materials

For this bracelet, you'll need two different colors, I chose yellow and orange so you'll be able to follow along easier. you'll also need an S clip, a Monsterstail mom, and a loom hook. I always use metal hooks. Now a side note, this bracelet uses almost the same form as the fish tail bracelet so if you've made a fish tail, you'll understand this well!

Step 2: Placing Your Bands

Take one color, twist once, and place. (pic 1) Take the second color, twist once, and place. (pic 2) Take the first color and place it. Take the second color and place it. (pic 3)repeat step 3 with both colors until you have three bands on each of the four pegs. (pic 4)

Step 3: Looping

Just like you do with the fish tail bracelet, take your hook and pull the bottom band up and over the peg onto the middle.(pic 1-2) Do the same to the other three pegs. (pic 3)

Step 4: Add Two More Bands

Add one more bands of each color like before. NO TWISTING! (PIC 1) Now take the bottom band of the three, bring it up and over, do the same with the other pegs. (pic 3)

Step 5: Keep Going

Just keep adding two bands at a time so you have three bands on at once then take the bottom band and pull it up and over to the middle. NOTE: to make your bracelet look like its twisting like it does in my very first picture, just place your first color over your second color and your second color over your first color. Then just keep going with those colors without switching so you can see the cool effect.

Step 6: Reaching the Finish Line

When you reach the length you want, stop putting the third band's on so now you'll have just two on each peg. Now take the bottom band on the top peg (pic 2) and bring it up and over. Do the same with the on right beside it. (pic 4-5) Now take the single band's you have left on each peg and put the down on the peg right under it. Do the same with the other single band. Your project should look like my (pic 6-7)Now you have three bands on two pegs, you need to take the bottom band, bring it up and over onto the middle, same with the other one. Do this again until you only have one band on each of the two pegs. (pic 8)

Step 7: Your S Clip Makes Its Appearance

Take your hook and Gather the two singles bands into it. (pic 1)Put you hook through the other end of your door cool bracelet and these are the two places you will use your S hook. HOPE YOU LIKED MAKING THIS AS MUCH AS I DID SHOWING IT! Please leave pictures of your bracelets and comments. Thank you.

Step 8: ALL DONE!! YIPPY!!


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    8 years ago

    The long loom is can be used in this loom design.........