Introduction: Double Macrame Bracelet

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I like experimenting with already known techniques. I wanted to make one bracelet that looked like two macrame bracelets became one bracelet. The blue one was the first try. I was happy with how the bracelet itself turned out, but I didn't like the ending.

When I started making my second one on the key ring, I wasn't planning on keeping it on there, but I was really happy with how it looked so I decided to keep it like this.

When you already know how to macrame, this project will be really easy to follow. When you don't already know how to macrame, don't worry, I've explained every step.

I'm really pleased with the end result of this project, I hope you like it too!

Step 1: Materials

To make a bracelet, you will need the following:

- key ring
- four colours of yarn: three of the same thickness, one thicker
- scissors
- glue

Step 2: Cutting and Knotting the Yarn (1)

Start by taking your thicker yarn. This is going to make the inside of your bracelet. I used grey because it's possible that,  when your macrame isn't 100% perfect, part of the inside thread is visible and grey matches with the other colours.

Cut two pieces that, when folded in half, easily fit around your wrist (so basically it has to fit around your wrist abut three times).

Simply knot the two strands to the key ring, making sure the end are aligned.

Step 3: Cutting and Knotting the Yarn (2)

Now, for the other three colours of yarn. Cut off a strand of about two/three metros (I didn't exactly measure, but this should be enough)

Decide which colours you want where: one colour will be the middle colour in both sides of the bracelet. This is the colour you will need to knot between the already knotted strands. The other two colours will go on the outside of these colours.

Step 4: The Macrame

Start by putting the outside colour on the right and the inside grey colour away, this will make it easier just to focus on the left part.

Take your inside colour (both strands) and put it over the grey strands. Next, take your outside colour and put it over the inside color. Let the outside colour go underneath the grey strands and let it come up through the space between the grey strands and the inside strands ( I've shown this spot with an image note). Pull both strands tight to finish the knot.

Next step is basically the same as the last step, but now your inside colour is on the left side, this doesn't change the steps, you should still start with the inside colour.

If everything went how it should have, the inside colour is back in the middle.

Take the right side you had put away. Now you can repeat these steps on this side. They are exactly the same: Put the inside colour over the grey strands, take the outside color, let it go over the inside colour, underneath the grey strands and back up through the space between the inside strands and the grey strands. Repeat this to make the inside strands end in the middle again.

Step 5: And Repeat

To make the bracelet, all you have to do is keep repeating step 4!

Stop repeating when the bracelet has reached a length that fits your wrist

Step 6: Ending the Bracelet

To end the bracelet, you can do what you like. The steps I'm going to describe are the steps I took.

Knot every strand to the key ring, the outside strands twice: on both sides of the key ring. Put glue on these knots and cut the strands off. While the glue hasn't dried, put the ends of the strands in the glue, to make the knots look less knotty (this step isn't pictured, it was improvised while glueing).

Step 7: Done!

So that's how to make a double macrame bracelet!

I hope you liked this instructable and will try it yourself. If you have tried it, I would love to see your creation! The first three to show a picture of their bracelet, will get a 3 months Pro Membership!
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