Double Sided Pen

Introduction: Double Sided Pen

Over the past few years i've been asked by many of my peers, classmates and even teachers on how i made a double sided pen which i will be showing you guys today. The double sided pens is basically two (Bic Round Stic) pens stuck together with one barrel, commonly known to pen spinners as the BICtory. After building the BICtory you can customize it as you please. Keeping in mind that is purely a basic instructable of the BICtory for begginers, I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Bic round stick pen x2


Extra (customization) : tape, grips from unused pens

Step 2: Take Out the Ink

Take out the ink cartridge of both of the pens

Step 3: Chose Your Body

Choose the colour of pen barrel you wish to use and take out the hole plug with a pair of scissors

Step 4: Trimming

Cut the ink cartridge to ensure that it fits into the barrel, you can choose to cut the cap if you want (optional). If uncut It will bother you, if you spin with it.

Step 5: BICtory

Stick the ink cartridges into the holes of the barrel and make sure it fits in nicely.

Step 6: Custimization

If you like to create fancier pens feel free to experiment on your own by searching online or fiddling with used pens on your desk.

The BICtory above uses a (supertip marker barrel) as a body and tape is wrapped on both sides. I also used a rsvp pen grip and put it ontop of the cap. Custom pens can be bought on Penwish (

Step 7: Enjoy :D

This is the end of my Instructable on the BICtory. Thank you! I leave you with a video on penspinning

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    7 years ago

    cool i made one of those a few years ago, carefull though if it gets to hot the inks will birst and cleaning up that ink was not fun :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thats cool man :D did you make it by fiddling with your pens or through penspinning? and yea i've had one experience where I took ma pen outside during the summer and it resulted in a big mess inside my pencilcase :c Thanks for commenting :D