Introduction: Double to Simple to Double Again

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I made it at Techshop

That is "Teeth Brutalis" our table saw at Techshop

She love bite acrylic, plastic and wood

Step 1: Let's Turn Off the Machine

Step 2: Remove the Key

Step 3: Remove the Screw

Step 4: And Take Out..

Step 5: Gorilla Tork to Release the Screw

Step 6: Remove Washer and Nut

Step 7: Remove Double Saw

Step 8: Press the Lock

Step 9: And Open the Side Door

Step 10: Lift the Locker Arm

Step 11: And Release the Saw Stop Key

Step 12: Remove the Saw Stop

Step 13: Take the New Saw

Step 14: Place in the Axel

Step 15: Washer and Nut

Step 16: Gorilla Tork

Step 17: Lift the Lock Arm

Step 18: Open the Side Door

Step 19: Get the Stop Saw Device

Step 20: May Be Clean the Place First

Step 21: Place Stop Saw Device in the Suport

Step 22: Lock the Key

Step 23: Lock the Arm

Step 24: Put the Plate and Lock It

Step 25: Close the Side Door

Step 26: And Lock It

Step 27: Very Well

Step 28: Than the Saw Is Ready to Use :)

Step 29:

Step 30: But May Be Now You Want Return to Double Blade Again...

Than simply go backward in this Instructable 


...  keep moving forward

Step 31: Turn Off the Machine and Remove the Key

Step 32: Lift the Locker

Step 33: And Remove the Guard

Step 34: Gorilla Tork

Step 35: Remove Washer and Nut

Step 36: Remove the Saw

Step 37: Get the Double Saw

Step 38: Put in the Axel

Step 39: Washer and Nut

Step 40: Gorilla Tork Again

Step 41: Unlock the Side Door

Step 42: And Open the Side Door

Step 43: Remove the Saw Stop

Only when you go from small to big size saw you can remove the Stop Saw AFTER change the saw, otherwise 
When you go to small to big diameter saw YOU NEED REMOVE THE STOP SAW FIRST

If you try to do in the wrong way
You will figure out immediately because "Two bodies can not occupy the same position in the space in the same time"


Step 44: Take SawStop From the Box

Step 45: Place in the Support

Step 46: Tie the Key

Step 47: SawStop Done :)

Step 48: Close and Lock the Side Door

Step 49: Put the Plate

Step 50: And Screw It

Step 51: Put the Key and Turn on the Machine

Step 52: And You Are Ready to Go Make Cuts or Engrave? With Large Width

:) I made it at Techshop