Introduction: Doughnut Cake!

I love doughnuts and cakes so that inspired me to make a doughnut cake and it tastes delicious!

I needed:

2 Red Velvet Cake Mixes,

6 Eggs,

400-ml of Water,

210-ml of Vegetable Oil,


Chocolate (to melt),





Mixing Bowl,


2 Cake Tins ( one smaller,

Pan of Water (to melt the chocolate) /Microwave,


Bowls and Spoons.

Step 1: Cake Mixture

Firstly, I preheated my oven to 180 Celsius, then I got my mixing bowl and put in 6 eggs, vegetable oil, water and the 2 cake mixes. After I whisked it all together until it became a liquid and creamy texture . This will take roughly 6 minuets to whisk.

Step 2: Baking Process

Secondly, you put it into your cake, BUT before you do that you must grease proof it. After put your cake tins in the oven for roughly 23-25 minuets.

Step 3: Cooling Stage

When you checked the cakes are done you put then on something preferably a cooling wrack.

Step 4: Frosting Stage

After they called down, you cut the top so it's flat then you start frosting the 2 tiers. Then you start frosting the whole cake and you could use a spatula to help you.

Step 5: Chocolate Stage

Let your frosting to dry and then we can go on to the optional part. You melt your chocolate and start melting it, then you drizzle it on top of the cake or anywhere you would like chocolate.

Step 6: The Final Touches

Put the sprinkles on the melted chocolate, then put it in the fridge for about 15 minuets so the chocolate can harden. Then its time to add the doughnuts. It is your choice where and how you place the doughnuts. As I said on step 5 (Chocolate stage) these parts are OPTIONAL.