Introduction: Dovetail Bench

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Make this real size doll bench with some big dovetails on the sides!
You and your better half will love it.
Make sure to check out the video to see the details on making it.

Step 1: Prepare the Wood

Cut your stock to manageable sizes.
The sides are 30x63cm (5cm thick) and the seating surface is 30x90cm (2.5cm thick)
Sitting height is around 42 cm - take this measure from a comfortable sitting height for you.

Step 2: Cut the Shapes

In the video, you'll see that I hadn't had thick boards so I glued up two boards to gain thickness.
I recommend that you buy 5cm thick board for sides; you'll save a lot of time.

Cut the shapes in the bench (arches, hearts and curves).
You can be very creative here or make even some carvings.

Step 3: Bottom Arch

Cut the bottom rail and cut the dovetails in it with a jigsaw.
Drill some pocket holes in it. Later those will be attached to the seat of the bench to give the rock solid construction (as you see it in the last picture here).

When the bench is glued up you'll cut the arch in the bottom support.

Step 4: Dovetails

Cutting dovetails is relatively easy and fun job.
Just take your time and they will come out great!
Use a saw and a chisel to make them.

Step 5: Add Pieces

The top of the bench will sit on these so you'll need to cut two 20x8 cm pieces to hold the seat on.
I fixed them with pocket screws and glue for full strength joint.

Step 6: Glue, Round and Sand and Finish

Use router with roundover bit and pass all the sharp edges.
Then sand everything with 120, followed by 220 grit sandpaper.
Finish it with exterior varnish or paint it in any color you wish.

Step 7: Enjoy It!