Introduction: Downhill Skateboard Glove Reenforcement

Skateboarding downhill at 45 miles an hour, your hands come into play more than most people would think. In the tuck, the plastic pucks velcroed to your palms provide balance when cornering or braking with a powerslide. The pucks do all the heavy lifting, but the fingertips, well they wear through quickly just from incidental drag on the ground.

This Instructable shows how to reenforce those fingertips to get a few more miles out of your gloves.

Step 1: Get Gloves

We go with good quality work gloves. Go to your nearest, locally owned hardware store and see what they've got. We prefer a good fabric backed all leather grip type, but choose what works for you. Leather palms and fingertips are a must though.

Step 2: Get Sugru

If you've never used Sugru, stop right now and Google it! Amazing stuff, starts like a sort-of-sticky play-doh and cures to a sturdy rubber overnight. You'll need 5 packets to do ten fingertips.

Step 3: Prep Sugru

Wash your hands, open the first packet, and kneed. The stuff is a little sticky, so it's easiest to cut three of the four side off the packet to get it out.

Step 4: Stick the Sugru On

Take half a packet of Sugru and squish it out to the size of a quarter. Stick it on to a fingertip and work the edges out to feather down and stick well to the glove covering the entire fingertip.

Step 5: Repeat

Yup,do the same thing for all ten fingers and let it cure overnight. Next time you're tearing it up barreling down a mountain road and your fingers glide effortlessly across the sun baked asphalt... you'll thank us.