Introduction: Download Ringtone Maker (Android)

This instructable will tell you, step-by-step, how to download the free application called "Ringtone Maker".

Step 1: Unlock Your Phone

Click your home or power button to turn on your screen and then swipe accordingly (your phone will tell you where and how to swipe)

Step 2: Locate the Google Play Store App

Go to your applications tray or whichever screen houses your Play Store app. It will appear as a white shopping bag with a colorful triangle in the center.

Step 3: Click on Play Store App

After locating the app, click on it to open it. You will be taken to the Home page of the Play Store.

Step 4: Click on Apps

On the Google Play home menu screen from the previous step, you will see a green button labeled "Apps." Click on it and you will be directed to the home page for apps.

Step 5: Search for Ringtone Maker

At the top of the apps home page, there is a search bar. Click on this search bar, type in "Ringtone Maker", and press the search button or click on the first available option that matches the words you used for your search.

Step 6: Click on the Very First Result

Click on the first result. The icon is blue with a white music symbol.

Step 7: Install

Once you've selected the correct application, click "Install." If it is the correct application, then the app will be free (and safe to download).

Step 8: Accept

After you have hit Install, you will have to agree to accept the download of this application. You are agreeing to allow the app to access your contacts (to set specific ringtones to certain contacts), your Photos/Media Files, and your Microphone (to record your own sounds).

Step 9: Ensure That the Application Has Installed

Your phone will go through two phases: one is downloading and the other is installing. You will know that your application has been installed properly when your screen looks like the one in the provided image.

Step 10: Locate the App Shortcut and Open App

Most applications create app shortcuts by creating icons of the application on the home screen so that the app is only a click away. Once you have located the app shortcut, open the app and all of the music on your phone should appear so that you can begin selecting and editing new ringtones. Enjoy!

Step 11: Locate Your Google Play Store Application