Introduction: Dr. Pepper Smoked Chicken

If you like Dr. Pepper and chicken this recipe is for you. Super easy to make and delicious to eat.

Step 1: Dr. Pepper Glaze

Dr. Pepper Glaze

I did not have any pictures of this step as I already had some glaze made. Depending on how many chickens you have you can decrease or increase this recipe. You use about ½ cup of glaze per chicken

2L Dr.Pepper

In a pot bring Dr.Pepper to a boil. Once boiling reduce heat and simmer at medium heat until the Dr.Pepper. Once the Dr. Pepper has reached a consistency of corn syrup remove from heat and set aside till ready to use.

Step 2: Brine the Chicken

Brining the chicken helps add flavour and keep the meat moist when its cooked.


2Gallons of Water
2 Cups Kosher Salt
½ cup Vinegar
3 cups Brown Sugar
1 cup pickling spice(I bought this premade)

In a pot heat a ¼ of the water, add all of your ingredients and let dissolve. Once dissolved simmer for 5 minutes then add to the remainder of the cold water.
Once the water has cooled add your chickens and soak for 6-8 hours in the fridge.
Once chickens are done remove from brine and dry off.

Step 3: Smoking the Chicken

I use a charcoal bbq for smoking and buy my wood from the bbq store in my city. If you have a gas bbq most bbq stores sell things you can put in your bbq to create the smoke.

Items Needed

BBQ/ Smoker
Wood(I used apple wood)

Start up your bbq/smoker .
Soak your wood in water as this will create more smoke when the wood is added to your charcoal and help the wood take longer to burn.
Once your bbq is at temp(200 degrees fahrenhite) add the wood(about three pieces to start) then add your chickens.
Glaze your chickens with your Dr. Pepper every 15 minutes. When you notice there is very little smoke coming out of the bbq add more wood to the coals.
Keep smoker at 200 degrees Fahrenheit
Smoke chicken for 4 hours or till the chickens reach an internal temperature of 164 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4: Finished Chicken

Remove Chicken from the BBQ you will now have a nice sweet glaze on your chicken with a nice smoky taste.
Once cut open the juice should run clear if the meat looks slightly pink do not worry the smoke has a tendency to do that to the meat.


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