Introduction: Dr. Pepper Sodacan Planter

This is the present I made for a fanatically pepper addict.


You'll need;

- Empty soda can with a brand-name that has a link with the plant.

- Can opener.

- A plant that you can buy or grow from a seed (this is a pepper plant, probably Habenero that i grew from a seed taken from a yellow pepper).

- Soil and a form of fertilizer. (I use coffee dirt and eggshells)

Step 1: The Plant

Buy or grow (pepper) plants.

I took the seeds from a yellow pepper. Planted them and waited till they had four or more leaves.

As a fertilizer I use a lot of reusable products like eggshells, coffie/thee dirt, the cooked water from eggs or rice etc.

Waring: wash your hand when you take the seeds from peppers and don't rub your eyes. It will hurt!

Step 2: Cut It Open

Cut off the lit from the can.

Step 3: Get Your Hands Dirty

Put the soil in the can and plant your pepper.

Be gentle whit the roots and It'll grow to be a beautiful plant that produces tasty peppers.

Behold you're own Pepper plant in a can!

Do you know any other funny brands with the same name as a plant and that has (soda) cans? Please let me know ;)

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