Dr. Seuss-inspired Hair

Introduction: Dr. Seuss-inspired Hair

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This Dr. Seuss-inspired hair style is wonderfully whimsical!

I styled this wig so I would have something fun to wear on a parade float with my faux fur vest.

I used a cheap wig to a achieve this look, but if you can easily follow these instructions to replicate the style with real hair.

Step 1: What You'll Need

For this look I used:

  • cheap costume wig (picked up on clearance after Halloween)
  • 2 different sized balls (I used a ping pong ball and a slightly larger styrofoam ball)
  • marker that matches the hair colour
  • bamboo skewer
  • 2 hair elastics
  • feathers and hair bow (optional)

If you are doing this with real hair, you may also want some hairspray to help hold everything in place.

Step 2: First Ball

Brush out the hair. I used a soft bristled baby brush to brush out my wig.

Colour the larger ball with a marker so it is the same colour as your hair. You can hold the ball on the end of the skewer so you don't get marker on your fingers.

Part a section of hair at the top and wrap it around the ball. Secure with an elastic.

With the elastic it place, you can adjust the hair surrounding the ball to ensure you have the ball evenly covered.

Step 3: Add the Second Ball

Colour the smaller ball to match your hair.

Place it above the first ball, wrap the hair around it and secure with an elastic.

Poke the skewer through the smaller ball and partway into the larger ball (be careful with this step if you are styling someone's real hair!). The skewer will keep the balls in place and the hair erect.

Cut or break off any extra length of the skewer that sticks up past the hair.

Step 4: Extra ​embellishments

I had a big yellow bow on hand from another wig and decided to add it. I pinned it in place with bobby pins so it would be easy to switch out with something else (I'm planning on wearing it with a red and white bow on Canada Day).

With the bow in place, it still looked like it was missing something, so I added some red feathers to the top. To keep the feathers in place I just tucked the ends into the hair elastic above the second ball.

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