Introduction: Dr. the BoB's Comically Simple Cat Cone Comforter

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Good afternoon fellow Instructabite!

Hopefully someone out there can find some value in what I've gone through over the past months with my cat, Tanngrissnir.

Because he keeps licking himself to the point of baldness, Tanngrissnir is in the unfortunate position where he needs to wear a medical device that goes by many names... from ranging from the innocent sounding "Party Hat" through to the intimidating "Cone of Shame", and unfortunately, after a while of having to wear This Infernal Device (my personal fave as far as names go) I noticed that the cone was starting to wear his fur a little thin, and that the inner edge of the cone was starting to scratch/rub the skin on his neck.

Something needed to be done!
So I grabbed my pipe and pen, put on my thinking cap, and got pondering... before long I had my Eureka moment, and I was off to the laundry room to dig up some supplies, and my solution was under way...

I apologize for the lack of photos through the project. I didn't realize how few pics I took until after I finished.
Instead of photos I've created some illustrations to help guide you through the steps.

All constructive criticism is welcome!

Thank You,

Step 1: Scavenging Your Essentials.

Luckily everything I needed was in the laundry room, so I didn't actually need to buy anything for this project (for my first one... I needed to buy buttons when I made the second).

Here is everything I used:
1 Medical Pet Cone / Party Hat
1 Rogue Sock* - CLEAN (*one with a hole or without a match)
2 buttons that will fit through the slot in the cone. (I was lucky to have 2 that had already popped off shirts, so I didn't need to go pillaging...)
2 safety pins
Pair of scissors

Step 2: Measure Sock

Drape the sock against the neck side of the cone, so there is about an inch/inch and a half of the toe will hang down against the cat's neck.

Once you've got the placement figured out, mark the position of the cone's slots on the sock using the safety pins. This is so you know where to sew the buttons.

Step 3: Trim the Toe

Cut the sock 1/2 inch past the safety pins, so you only have a length of toe with a couple of safety pins in it.

Step 4: Sew on the Buttons

Sew the buttons in place, making sure not to stitch them too tight. If you don't give them enough slack, it will be difficult to feed the button through the slots in the cone. (The amount of slack required will depend on the size of button being used; the larger the button the greater the required slack)

Step 5: Attach It!

Button the sock inside the cone, (toe down) with one button (facing out) on either side of the opening.

You may now rejoice in your cat's new found comfort.

I hope you found this handy.


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