Dr. Who and Tardis Halloween Pet Costume

Introduction: Dr. Who and Tardis Halloween Pet Costume

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This years theme for my little pugs is Dr. Who. I  knitted the scarf for Bailey ( he's turning 13 this year ) in reincarnated Dr 4 colors. Found a great little dolls black top hat at one of my local craft stores that I changed the shape of and then added some curly brown doll hair for the final touch. Reba is the Tardis // I made her a simple dog coat that I then quilted the tardis door shape to the front, I then sewed a little hat to look like the top of the tardis. I had so much fun making this for them!! Instructable soon to follow on how to make the tardis coat and hat. Just so excited that I finished it and had to share!
Happy Halloween!

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    4 years ago

    did you ever put a how to for the tardis costume? I can probably figure it out but I love how you did it? If so would you be willing to send me it? thanks!


    7 years ago

    Soo cute