Introduction: Drafting Table

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I've been needing to organize my office and upgrade my desk for some time. I am in the construction industry and use blue prints daily. Having a dedicated space for bid job and jobs one will make my are and self more efficient (right side and the left side of the new desk). Hope you find this useful.

Step 1: Tools

  • Drill
  • tape measure
  • miter-saw
  • table saw
  • kreg jig
  • w-71 furniture spray gun from gearbest
  • sander
  • bandsaw
  • router table for making trim

Step 2: Cut List

Step 3: Cut Rabbit Joints

Step 4: Cut Dado Groves

Step 5: Check Spacing

Step 6: Paint Before You Put Them Together

This will save you tons of headaches

Step 7: Assemble the Boxes

Step 8: Build Table Top

cut 2x4s to length and glue and screw the top together

Step 9: Cut Out the Top Supports

Step 10: Cut the Supports

Step 11: Glue and Screw

Putting the 3 pieces together glue and screw them together

Step 12: Drafting Top

Kreg Jig made this easy and secure the trim pieces

Step 13: Mounting the Brackets

Using 1/4 inch bolts I bolted the 2 pieces together, then mounted the bracket to the plywood using screws and glue.

Step 14: Testing the Fit of the Table

I wanted to see if everything would function as I wanted to so I did a dry fit and was pleased with the out come

Step 15: Covering the Table Top.

Well I wasted most of the day planing and cutting pallet wood to mount to the top. I didn't like the look so I scrapped that idea and went for a much easier solution since I wont be using this portion of the table for writing or drawing so I wasn't worried about the seems in the wood flooring.

Step 16: Mount the Drafting Table to the Table Top

I used my Kreg Jig to make pocket holes and then made molding big enough to hide the holes later.

Step 17: Trim

I used 1x4 and cut it into 1/2 strips to cover the fronts of all the ply wood. I went a little thicker on the top to account for the added top.

Step 18: Assemble the Drawers

I used the scrap wood i had left over and built 3 drawers.

Step 19: Drawer Fronts

I cut some 1x4 at 1/4 inch and wrap the plywood and left 1/4 inch over hang.on the front.

Step 20: Paint

i used a sprayer to spray the paint in the hard to reach spaces.

Step 21: Glamour Shot Time

Love the way this turned out.

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