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Introduction: Dragon Ball Z Goku 3D Art Craft

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z, and as you can see it's pretty obvious that I was a fan of Goku as well.

So I made this art and Dragon Ball Z definitely inspired me on this 3D art.

Please stay tuned to see the tutorial.

The templates will be attached to this project at the end.

I hope you all like this idea and let me know on the comments below.


1. Colourful card Stock Papers.

2. Thin Styrofoam.

3. X-acto.

4. Scissors.

5. Pencil.

6. White Glue/ Hot Glue Gun.

7. Marker Pens.

Step 1: "Goku" Process Images

Step One:

Use the PDF template“DBZ-Goku Template” to cut out all the pieces to make the Dragon Ball Z character Goku.

Glue all the pieces together according to their places.

Use the clipart image “Goku Clipart” to trace and glue the pieces to their perfect positions.

Step 2: Cloud Process Images

Step two:

Now use the “DBZ-Cloud” template to cut out the pieces for the clouds.

Use quilling paper strips around the borders of the cloud and glue them there.

Then use more quilling paper strips to glue some swirly shapes in the middle part of the cloud. Similarly, make the smaller clouds.

Step 3: Frame Process

Step three:

One again, use the template “DBZ-Frame” to cut out the frames.

The first frame should not have a circular hole in the middle.

The rest three frames should have the circles in the middle, and one circle must be 2 centimeters smaller than the circle given on the template.

Then cut out thin strips of Styrofoam (4 pieces).

The length of the strips must be as same the frames.

Then glue all four of the strips on all four sides of the first frame (the one without the circle on the middle).

Then take the frame with the smallest circle and glue over the strips.

Then again, glue four strips on the borders of the second frame and then glue the second-largest frame over it. Similarly, glue the largest frame.

Step 4: Frame Process (2)

Step 4:

Gather all the stuff you made so far.

First place the two smaller clouds on two sides inside the frame.

Then place the large cloud on the bottom side of the frame (inside).

Then take a piece of Styrofoam, and glue it on the middle of the frame.

Step 5: Final Steps

Step five:

Now glue Goku over the small Styrofoam piece, this will help to give him a 3D look. Glue eyes and draw a face on Goku if you want to.

Step 6: Templates

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