Introduction: Dragon Boat Posture Machine

In this website, I am going to show you how to make a dragon boat posture machine. This project is for the athletes who played dragon boat or does rowing activities. As you can see in the picture and the video. The lights will tell whether or not your posture in rowing is correct or not. Most people have difficulties in their posture. Their hands will either be very low or too high, causing them to not reach the water level and move the boat forwards. This can cause slowness in the competition. So by using this machine, you can correct your posture by knowing the lights. The green light is for having the correct posture. The blue light is means your posture isn't correct. They come out by having a detector on the side. Now, look at the following steps in order to create your own posture machine and how you can improve your own posture.


Supplies you will need are

  • 2 LED lights (red, green)
  • 6 electrical stripes
  • a HC-SR04 detector
  • 2 resistor
  • Arduino Leonardo

Step 1: Step 1: Programing

The Program is used when the detector find out the there is an object towards it, then the detector will send out a green light. If not, then the light will show the blue light here is the details:

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Step 2: Step 2 : Building

As you can see in the program, the program includes where the pins go. The pins of the LED goes to the 12 and 11. The 12 goes to the blue light and the 11 goes to the green light. And they all have to connect to the ground. The detector trig in goes to D6 and echo goes into D7. Then One goes to A5 which is VCC and the other connects to ground. Then your machine works.

Step 3: Step 3 : Test Out the Machine

By testing out, you can use sit in the dragon boat or rowing position and see if the lights are shinning and the detector is working