Introduction: Dragon Bone Staff

This is a custom cosplay or ren fair movie quality prop.

Step 1: Bones

Walking through the woods I happened upon a deer skeleton that was almost fully intact. I gathers and bleached the bones.

Step 2: Connecting Pieces

I used a drill bit and channeled through each of the bones for a 1/4" stainless rod to be able to pass through.

Step 3: Aligning and Bending

I used the leg bones as the hand grip part and bent the steel rod where I aligned the vertebrae since the could be small gaps I made a slight bend in between them.

Step 4: Spacing and Setting

Once I had all the piece on I used gorilla glue to set them in place permanently. I then filled the gaps between the vertebrae with expanding spray foam. This was done to cover up the steel rod and to make it look like there was still connective tissue. I sanded the end result to be as thick as the bone.

Step 5:

I used a small wire to articulate the tail bones down from spinal column to represent a dragon tail wrapping around the handle. I finished with a leather grip of distressed leather for a aged feel. And did a custom copper wrap for some extra detail.

Step 6: Finished Product

pretty cool movie quality prop for cosplay or man cave.