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Introduction: Dragon Egg

If you're watching GoT series, then you might be a big fan of Khaleesi and her dragons. Well, That's so cool,

I made this DIY project as a gift to my friend so If you want to impress your friend by giving a gift like this just follow the instructions.

Get the materials given below or find something similar,


1. Oval shape shell,

2. Artificial leather,

3. Glitters and Markers,

4. Glues.

Step 1: Eggshell

Choosing the right egg is one of the biggest challenge I faced and I don't want to create one so I chose a Kids toy, Its an nesting egg

or else you can pick one from easter egg.

I pick the big one and it fits perfectly as you can see from the picture (The orange one) and one of the coolest thing is it's open-able so that you can put your things in and close it (It's like a secret egg).

or else you can put some cool gift in it.

Step 2: Dragon Skin Texture

The shell need to be look dragon skin textures so I chose artificial leather ( else any leather bag) to give its look.

so we need to cut the leather into small pieces like 4cm each and leaf shape and cut it to 60-80 pieces and make sure every pieces looks same.

Step 3: Gluing

After the leather works is done. Guess what! Gluing! It's easy to do. All you need is patience so take your take and start pasting the leaves. It may take some time to dry but make sure that you're sticking the leaf one by one.Anyway! your egg will be good at the end. ~FYI mine was open-able so I didn't pasted fully. I paste half of the top and bottom so that I can open and close.

Step 4: Glittering

I painted silver color glitter to give it a darker look and It will glow when the light hit.

Step 5: At the End

Ta-da! The dragon egg is ready!

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    Awesome! This would make a much cooler kind of Easter egg hunt.