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Introduction: Dragon Lady

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HEY GUYS just to start off I would like to give a big thanks to Natasha_noemi for letting me recreate her face chart! Pictures in the next step. Thank you for everyone for supporting me and if you want to help me more feel free to subscribe at youtube.com/msmaomaoz so here is how I made 'Dragon Lady'.

Step 1: The Look

Here are some screen shots of what I used to get the look I did. Please check her out and show her some LOOOOOVE on instagram. <3

Step 2: Base

Taking a yellow/green body paint from Mehron I used that as the base of my face.

Step 3: Start of the Eye

So taking this pinkish color from the urban decay electric pallet I patted it on my lid, I then started buffing it over to the side of my head, I also took some light purple from a different pallet to blend it out and last I drug that pinkish color under my eye and down the inner corner of my eyes.

Step 4: Liner

I used black body paint from Mehron as my liner. I added a line above my eyelid line to act as the new one and dry bushed it to blend it out. I then took that some body paint to line the top lid and add a wing on the inner corner of my eye. I then took black bean from NYX to line in waterline.

Step 5: Lines

Taking black body paint I made lines. They are pretty random I just fallowed the picture as best as I could.

Step 6: Lips

First I took NYX liquid lippy in vintage. Then I patted some of the eye shadow that I had used on my eyes on my lips. I also took some white body paint from mehron and patted that in the center. I took black body paint and outlined my lips and also took some of that on the inside of my lips to reshape them. I highlighted the lips as well using white body paint.


I made more lines.

Step 8: Shadows

Taking some dark geen eye shadow I shadowed around all the lines. I then contoured my jaw and cheeks as well as my nose.

Step 9: Highlight

I took some white body paint to highlight around all the black lines..

Step 10: Dots

I used white body paint to add dots then I used a little black body paint to go around them.

Step 11: Body

Taking the same yellow green color I covered the neck and chest.

Step 12: Shadow

Taking that same green color I shadowed the back of my neck.

Step 13: Even More Lines

I added more lines to the chest using that black body paint.

Step 14: More Shadows

I did the same thing I did on the face on the chest. I used green to shadow, I also added that pink on the bottom of the lines.

Step 15: White

Highlighting with the white body paint just like we did on the face.

Step 16: Dots

and again adding white dots and outlining with black just like the face,

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    5 years ago

    Great once again. What type work do you do when not face painting? And does this face painting assist in that job?