Introduction: Dragon Lamp

What you need?

· Mounting foam (two tubes)

· Cardboard boxes (one stronger and 2-3 thicker)

· Wire (stronger)

· Old newspapers

· Knife and scissors

· Acrylic paints or tempera

· Wallpaper glue

· Mounting glue

· Bulb

· Adhesive tape

· Self-drying clay

· Cable with socket and switch

· PET bottle (smaller)

· Foil

· "Combination" pliers

· Pencil and fix

· Papers (at least A3, ideally larger)

· Glue and paint brushes

· Balacryl type color

· Sandpaper

· Toilet paper

Step 1: Preparation

1. Imagine

how will your dragon looks like. Find some pictures, videos or draw it.

TIP: You can watch some movies with dragons and find photos of real reptiles.

2. Cut off a wire. It shall be longer than cable with socket. Wrap the wire around the cable.

3. Now imagine how the dragon’s neck will looks like and make the wire to this shape. Prepare the paper. Put cable on paper and draw a contour.

TIP: Don't forget that the switch must be out of the body.

4. Cut off a sketch. Draw 4-5 circles on the paper. These circles will be cover a neck of the dragon. Cut them off too.

TIP: Dragon's head shall be narrower at the head and expand in the end.

5. Copy all sketches on cardboard boxes and cut them off. Into the circles which determine the width of the neck cut the straight line. This piece will be inserted into the body.

6. Cut the bottle on two pieces. We need the upper one. Cut the bottle and put the socket into.

7. Put the foil into the bottle and use tape to fix the bottle.

Step 2: Form

8. Use foam to spraying whole paper model. One side

and then the other side.

9. After drying you can cut the body out. Draw a sketch is the best.

TIP: If you did something wrong you can spray the model again and start of the beginning.

10. Don’t forget details, eyes and nostrils.

11. On the paper draw horns. Cut it off and copy the sketch to stronger carton. Cut it off too.

12. We need a wire which should be longer than horn. Stick the wire on carton with tape.

13. Grab newspapers to small pieces. From the thinner carton cut the scales off.

Step 3: Details

14. Cut some short pieces of wire. Take a self-drying clay and make from it models of teeth. If you want small thorns on the dragon make it from clay too. Into every piece of tooth and thorn put one piece of wire. The wire will help you put these pieces into the mouth and body in the future.

15. Cover horns with newspapers and wallpaper glue. Stick pieces of newspaper one by one until you don’t have the form what you want.

16. Stick horns into the head and spray it around with form. Mounting foam is very good glue. Let it dry.

17. If you want some thorns on the back of dragon spray them with foam too.

18. Again, cut the foam into your perfect form. Don’t forget the space around horns.

19. Cut scales cover with wallpaper glue and wrap them with newspapers. After that take them and one by one stick them on the dragon’s body. The places where you don’t want to have scales stick only with newspapers. In the end every piece of dragon should be cover with newspapers.

TIP: I give scales only on the back of dragon. I let the belly without them.

20. Thorns made from clay sharp with sand paper and put them into the body. Stick them with glue and newspapers. Let it dry.

Step 4: Finishing

21. We cover whole dragon again. This time with toilet paper and wall paper glue. Toilet paper unite the top of the body and fix the scales.

TIP: If you have toilet paper with some flowers and so on give this side down. Try to do some details as eyebrow and gums. It’s easy with toilet paper.

22. We make tongue from wire. Make form and cover it with tape. After all stick the tongue into mouth with the end of wire. You can’t stick it with glue because in the future maybe you will need to change bulb and it’s better take tongue out.

23. Teeth stick into the mouth with strong mounting glue. Put the glue on the tooth around the wire, stick and hold it for a while. When you have all teeth in the mouth take the brush and do it with glue once again around the gums.

24. Paint whole dragon with one color. I chose black.

25. Take another color and make the details. I chose red and I did head and scales with it.

26. Draw eyes and put them with glue into eyelid.

27. The side of neck which will stick on the wall copy on carton and cut it out. Do it twice and stick both circles together. On the dragon’s neck give a little of foam and paste the circles on. Let it dry.

28. Cut the foam which you don’t need and take newspapers, toilet paper and wallpaper glue. Reunite new piece of neck with the rest.

TIP: You can paint teeth and thorns with grey color. You can also paint a cable with switch.

29. And last step put strong layer of strong glue and stick it on the chosen place on the wall.