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Welcome! I did this look for a contest.. and I didn't get in. Haha. BUT I like it and thought I would share it here! To start off the costume is easy, it's just a red/black dress I already owned and some dragon wings I got off amazon. This tutorial will be about the makeup/sfx part. I do have a video on how I make dragon eggs on my youtube page ( and I will be posting the instrucables on them someday.

The thing you will need to do this look.

-Eye shadow (dark red, bright red, black, and yellow)

-Liquid liner (black and white)

-Lipstick, lip liner (red)

-Aqua body paint (red and black)

-Canceler (in your shade)

-Foundation (in your shade)

-Bronzer and highlighter


-Brow pencil

-NYX jumbo eye pencil (Milk)

-Model magic (to make the horns)

-Liquid latex

-Spirit gum and remover

Step 1: Set the Eyes

First I took a canceler to set my eye lid from lash line to brow. After that I took the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in MILK to put on the lid to act as a base to really make the colors pop.

Step 2: Eye Crease

To start off the eyes I took a dark red eye shadow and placed it in my crease and blended it out. I was not worried about how messy it may get. It's easily cleaned up.

Step 3: Base of Eye

For the lid of the eye I wanted there to be a bright red, so I used the NYX pencil again to make sure I had a nice white lid to make the color really pop. I patted it on and LIGHTLY blended it up. I didn't blend it that far up.

Step 4: Deepen the Crease

I wanted to deepen the crease just a little, so I took a black eyeshadow and with a light hand blended just a little into the crease.

Step 5: Pop of Yellow

I wanted to give the eyes a pop of yellow in the middle so again I went in with that NYX pencil to make sure there was a nice base. Then I took a yellow shadow and patted it right on the middle and pulled it up. It gives it a 'spot light' look.

Step 6: Prep (optional)

Before starting the face I used some lotion, a hydrating primer all over the face, and a pore minimizing primer on my nose.

Step 7: Foundation

I then used a foundation to cover my face. I went for a more full coverage one.

Step 8: Conceler

Because I wanted more full coverage I actually went in with two concealers. I used a lighter canceler on the high point of my face (nose, under eyes , cheek bones, chin) and a canceler that matched my skin pretty much everywhere else.

Step 9: Set

To set my face I just went over it with a powder.

Step 10: Bronze and Glow

I used a bronzer to give my face some shape back, then I went in with a highlighter to make my face glow.

Step 11: More Eye

I used the dark red shadow to smoke out my lower lash line, I also added a LITTLE black as well. I used a liquid black liner to make some wings, and a eye pencil in black to fill in my water line.

Step 12: Brows

I'm not much of a brow person but I used a pencil to fill them in. Haha. Sorry.

Step 13: Horns

The horns I made out of model magic. Model magic is very light so it will stay on your head. I used spirit gum to pace the horns then I used some liquid latex and some cotton balls to wrap around the horns (the big ones) and make them blend nicer into my skin as well as keep them on my head better. (DON'T GET IN IN YOUR HAIR. I was not paying attention, as I do, and I got it in my hair. If you do use some oil and rub it in and it will help get it out)

Step 14: Mascara

As I waited for it all to dry I put on some mascara.

Step 15: Start Painting

I used a red aqua paint to paint most of the horns red.

Step 16: Shadows

I took that same dark red eye shadow and pat around the horns and I also brought it down to 'contour'

Step 17: Random

I felt like I needed to add that red body paint some place else to make it look better, so I put some random blobs on my shoulders that I will later go back and make look 'nicer'

Step 18: More Shadows

I did had some red to the horns above my brow, then I added some lines with the shadow all over. I also patted some red shadow around the shoulder blobs and added some lines to that as well.

Step 19: Black Tips

I used that black body paint to fill in the tips of all the horns, then I used it to add some cracks onto the big horns as well.

Step 20: Lips

I used a red lip liner to line my lips, then I used a metallic red liquid lip to fill them in.

Step 21: Stipple

I used some dark red body paint to stipple some spots all over my face. I also used a white liquid liner to add some white dots. I felt like it need some lightness.

Step 22: DONE

And with that you are done. I hope you enjoyed and please let me know if you have any ideas on other body paint/makeup/sfx looks you would like to see me do!

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