Introduction: Dragon Shadow

Today, we will show YOU how to make a dragon shadow light show. Almost all of the project is hands-on easy to make, fun!!

Step 1:

  • Get a 3D printer and get a dragon silhouette (any type), or a silhouette of another animal. Put this silhouette into tinkercad.
  • 3D print it, while making sure that the dragon is about 2.5 inches tall and about 4 inches long.
  • Spray paint it a reflective color, preferably silver.

Step 2:

  • Get an arduino and a breadboard.
  • Place the arduino on the end of the breadboard, facing away from the board.
  • You will need 4 wires.
  • put 2 in 5v and to positive(red). Space these wires far apart on the positive side, you will need a lot of power for all these LEDs.
  • Wire up 2 from ground to negative(blue), and do the same spacing as for the red side.
  • Tape down the wires to make space for the dragon.

Step 3:

  • Plug in a ton of LEDs!
  • Line them up on each side, putting the long leg in positive and short leg in negative.
  • Try to use an array of lights, but use mostly white ones.
  • Make sure that they do not poke out too much so that you will have space for the dragon, although I suggest bending them to the sides so that it illuminates the whole surface.
  • Plug in about 30 LEDs for the best results.

Step 4:

  • Get a battery bank and a cord to attach it to the arduino.
  • Plug it in and turn it on. Now, all of the lights should illuminate!

Step 5:

  • Get a sheet of paper and draw a multicolorful circle on it, where the dragon will be.
  • Wrap the breadboard with the paper so that it covers the board. Make it so that the short side is on the board and the long one should wrap all the way around once.
  • Tape down the paper and press firmly so that it molds them together.
  • You might want to use tape to keep the top down so that the lights are easy to see.
  • Try on the lights to see how it works!

Step 6: Finish It!

  • Slide your dragon in and hold down the paper firmly.
  • Then head to a dark room and get ready.
  • Switch on the lights and your show will begin!

Step 7: