Dragonball Lamp (spirit Bomb)




Introduction: Dragonball Lamp (spirit Bomb)

Have you been wanting to make a DragonBall Spirit bomb lamp ever since you saw it on facebook?
Well, now you can. Take the opportunity, and JUST DO IT.

It doesn't take much time. Well, 3D printing goku does take quite an amount of time, but it depends on the size. My version of Goku is 9.5 CM and it took 2.5 hours. If you have your own figurine that you want to use, you can.

What is needed of you?

- An old reading lamp, which you can buy at a second-hand store for a very low cost

- White or blue plastic globe, which you will put around the lamp. It will work as the spirit bomb.

- Lid to the plastic globe of the same colour, which can basically be any lid of the same size. You could use the lid of a nuttella Jar, and have an excuse to eat the whole jar.

- Wooden box in which you can insert the lamp. Make sure that the wood can withstand getting drill into, for you are going to have to make a hole into it so that that top part of the lamp can get out. If you have access to a laser cutter and have some wood. You can form your box with holes through www.makercase.com .

- Access a 3D printer to can print it. There is a file linked to this website with goku's format. If you don't have any access to a 3D printer, you can buy a figurine online on websites like www.eBay.com or at an anime/comic convention.

Step 1: Get the Figure

At the 3D printer you insert the file "Son_Goku_Spirit_Bomb" and start scaling to the size as you want it to be.

If you do not know how to use the 3D printer and there is no one to guide you, you can go to http://3dprintingforbeginners.com/ , which will help you all the way step by step.

During the printing, don't worry about the pilars next to goku, for they are supporting pilars, which you can easily break off. Like the pillars, there are extra stuff printed as a support to the printing, but they are printed weak so that you can peal it off.

After pealing it off use some nail polish remover to clean it up. I know that it seems weird to use nailpolish for it, but try it and look at the results.

Step 2: Wooden Box

Get the file you get from www.makercase.com, which you have designed, and laser it.

If you dont know how to use it and have nobody to help you, you can use https://www.epiloglaser.com/how-it-works/applicat...

You can start to glue to sides and the bottom together. Then, enter the lamp into it. You most probably have to open the lamp self and make sure to get the iron pillar(s) through the hole(s). Then, of course, you glue it.

Step 3: The Final Touches

By now, you should have the box closed and the iron pillar(s) sticking out.

You can drill a tiny hole into the lid, which will between the lamp and the plastic globe.

After it is all connected and WORKS, you can glue Goku on top of it, but make sure that there is a distance of around 2 to 5 cm between the lamp and Goku, for you do not want to see the strongest man alive melt into some weird goo.

What's next is up to you. Depends on how much of an perfectionist you are and how much time you have to work on details. Design it however you like it.

Guess what. You now have the strongest man alive on your nightstand.
(That should be a great pick-up line at the bar)

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    4 years ago

    What a fun lamp! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!