Introduction: Dragonfly Wing Block Print

I have a fascination with dragonflies and am particularly fond of their wing cell pattern! My most recent project involving dragonflies was using the wing pattern to create different mason jar lids, check out the instructable here. These printed cards are an earlier exploration of the wing pattern where I used adhesive craft foam to create a block for stamping dragonfly wing cards.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment:

  • Sticky back craft foam
  • Design files (CorelDRAW)
  • 1"x4" piece of wood long enough to accommodate your craft foam design
  • Ink roller (a stamp pad will work if your design is small)
  • Paint
  • Flat piece of plastic (or tape down a plastic bag)
  • Card stock
  • Burnishing tool (spoon)

Step 2: Prepare Your Craft Foam Stamp

Using the CorelDRAW design file, scale the document to the size you want to make your block print.

Set your print settings and cut the dragonfly wing pattern from your craft foam using the laser cutter. I used speed/power/frequency settings of 35/10/15 on a 60 watt Epilog Fusion laser cutter.

If you dont have a piece of wood the appropriate size, you can use the frame (it is on a separate layer) to cut a piece of plywood the exact size of your stamp also on the laser cutter.

Step 3: Printing With Your Block

Squeeze out some block printing ink on a flat piece of plastic, and using your roller, and short rolling motions, try to even and spread the paint out to coat the roller. Try not to spread the paint any wider than you need, as it will tend to dry the paint out too quickly. Roll back and forth across the paint until you have an even coat on the roller.

Gently and evenly transfer the paint to your block rolling touching up areas that are too light.

Lay the inked block face down on your card stock and gently flip it over being careful not to the paper move around. Take your burnishing tool (spoon) and rub the back of the card stock in circular motions moving over the entire block to help transfer the paint and pick up the details of your print.

Once you are done burnishing, lift one corner of your paper and gently curl it bake and off the block.

Your first print!

Step 4: Cut and Fold Your Cards

Fold your cards and send them to all your insect-loving friends.