Introduction: Dragonfly/Pentacopter Project

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This project was inspired by Flite test and, rcexplorer

sub $500 professional Arial Photography platform.

it is a Pentacopter as, it has five rotors. Its flight characteristics combine the benefits of a Tri, Quad and Hexacopter.

for example a benefit of a tri copter is its tilt mechanism which allows it to have a much better Yaw control than other types of conventional multirotor

like a Hexacopter it can limp back to home instead of falling out of the sky like a quadcopter if one of its front motors fail

I have built this multirotor to act as an Arial photography platform. I plan to use it to:

have an Arial camera rig from which me and my friends can film scenes for our short movies

Monitor and survey the guttering of the older generation in my neighbourhood to help them to diagnose any problems they may have with their roofing so that they can quickly and easily repair any problems thus allowing them to have a better way of life

give me a better understanding of drones and multirotor so that i may build design and create more in the future as, it is an emerging technology that has a multitude of applications.

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