Introduction: Dragonfruit & Mango Breakfast

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Dragonfruit and mango is an interesting combination, but in this trio of breakfast dishes, it tastes incredible! Dragonfruit is sometimes called 'cactus apple' because it is the fruit of a cactus. To learn more about Dragonfruit, see my introduction.

If you don't know how to prepare a dragonfruit, see my instructable; and if mangoes are new to you (which planet are you on?), then the BBC can teach you.

Step 1: Fruit Platter

Take some dragonfruit discs, and pair with 2 quarters of a large mango with the skin left on. Arrange it in a bowl and voilà – simple and elegant fruit platter!

Step 2: Fruit Kebabs

Dice some dragonfruit and mango, and skewer on a kebab stick. Serve on a plate, or eat it straight away.

It is possible to grill fruit kebabs, so if you have a little more time or are feeling adventurous, go ahead and experiment!

Step 3: Smoothie

Use any offcuts from dicing the fruit for the kebabs and bulk out the smoothie with an added banana. Blend until (relatively) smooth, but bear in mind that this is quite a thick smoothie, so you may need to thin it down. Save some small pieces of banana and dragonfruit to garnish and if you still have a full half skin left over, you can serve the smoothie in that.

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