Introduction: Dragons Egg Necklace

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I know I am not the only one that LOVES dragons! Especially if you like HTTYD or Temeraire.

You cant find any jewelry that looks "dragon" enough.

Here I show you how to make a dragon egg necklace Made from a real quail egg!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is a list of simple supplies you are going to need to make this awesome necklace!

Hot glue gun

2 hot glue sticks

paint bush

eye pin

black acrylic paint

metallic/ pearl blue acrylic paint


2 button quail eggs( or one quail egg and one broken one) Make sure that the quail eggs have the whole in the top and not bottom of the egg.

You can get all the supplies at michaels accept the quail eggs, I bought those on etsy.

Step 2: Fill the Quail Egg and Add the Eye Pin

So the first step is to fill the quail egg.

You are going to be filling it with hot glue so make sure to hold the egg with an oven mitt or something because it gets REALLY hot! Fill it up until it feels full, I used a whole glue stick to fill mine but it will vary depending on the size of the egg.When the egg is filled make sure to stick the eye pin in the whole immediately after it is filled up before the glue cools.

Step 3: Paint the Egg and Varnish

The next step is to paint the egg and varnish it at least 3 times.

To get the color, mix the black and blue to get a silvery grey color.

let it fully dry

Step 4: Making the Scales

This is how you make the scales,

take your broken quail egg and lightly smash it into small pieces like in the picture.

don't worry about making sure the sizes are around the same.

Then take the painted egg and varnish it on more time but this time don't let if fully dry.

sprinkle the broken eggshells on your hand and roll the varnished egg in it and make sure it is covered in eggshells.

apply more eggshells in spots you missed if necessary, let it dry

Step 5: Paint and Wear

Now when it has dried paint over it and lightly roll it in a paper towel to get off the excess paint and let try for one last time.

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