Introduction: Drastically Improving the Speed, Life, and Performance of Your R/C Helicopter

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   When you first by a R/C helicopter, it is fun, but you notice that it might be slow, the battery life may last a few minutes, and there might be that annoying spring that keeps the throttle down and won't let you hover.  These few problems can be cured in a few steps, drastically improving the helicopter.  

   Notice that this helicopter may not be like yours.  These mods are for the Syma S107G and they might be able to work on your helicopter.  I am not responsible for any damages, voided warranties, etc.  Please be careful when doing these mods.  Make sure that you are very good at flying your helicopter the condition you received it in.  These mods will make the helicopter harder to fly.

Step 1: Tools

All you need is:
- X-Acto Knife
- Small Phillips Head Screwdriver

Step 2: Removing Extra Parts

   If you look on your helicopter you will see many parts that make it look good, but it does not help it much.  Most of the removable parts are on the back end of the helicopter, which makes it slow.  Remove the bars and all the plastic pieces.  Remember to keep all of the parts and screws in case you want to put them back!  They are tiny parts and are very easy to lose. 

Step 3: Removing the LED

   You don't need to do this, but the LED has weight and it uses some of the battery power.  I didn't really care about the LED so I removed it by unscrewing the cockpit, cutting the two wires, then removed it from the cockpit.  There is also a weight there, if you want your helicopter to last longer, take it off.  If you want your helicopter to go fast, glue it back. 

Step 4: Now the Controller!

   The controller has a tiny spring hooked onto the throttle that keeps it down.  To remove the spring, remove the screws on the back of the controller.  There is one behind the charging cable, just pull the slider back, then pull it off at a slight angle.  It might take some force but be real careful!  After that, flip the controller over and pull the front part off.  Remove the screw holding the spring in place and pull the spring out.  Screw the screw back in.  Take the spring and hook the two ends together, forming a circle.  Then take the circle on with the hooks facing down, so that the spring rubs against the throttle, forming a little bit of friction.  Then take the charging cord and untie the knot, giving you about an inch extra of cord.  Then put the front panel back, flip it over, put the screws back and pop the slider back on. 

Step 5: Finished!

   Charge it up and be careful not to go too fast on the throttle, it climbs pretty fast. 

Some future ideas:
   I was going to remove some of the panels and make a carbon fiber version of them, but I didn't have enough time.  I also wanted to get some carbon fiber rod and make the rod longer so it could go faster. 

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Note on the sawtooth paracord bracelet:  I made an instructable a while ago that didn't make too much sense.  I will be making a video soon and my subscribers will be the first to see it.  Please subscribe!

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