Introduction: Draw: Cyberpunk


This isn't the Victorian era anymore -- It's time for the old to shed and the new to take reign. Behold: Cyberpunk! Where true technology meets the hacker based make-do, and everything shines nicely with a bit of cash involved. But, of course, you can forgo those lines and make your project as ragged as you wish -- this is simply a baseline for you to follow.

I do not have a first-hand knowledge of cyberpunk -- to be honest, I spent the entire morning looking up stuff like that to build the design for my Metroid there. Please, feedback is much appreciated -- tell me how I did. And don't forget to post yours!

Step 1: Basic Sketch

Scribble out the outline of your creation (Here a Metroid, waiting to be revamped), and think of where you want to place your gadgets. In contrast to Steampunk's rusty pipes and pistons, cyberpunk should have a nicer sheen to it, adorned with computers and gadgets and all the wiring you can handle. Heck, make something up -- go ahead and stick Iron Man's Arc Reactor in there, or a plasma screen TV, maybe even a duo-Hedrex compiler (I like making words up).

Step 2: Off With My Tangent

Refine the shape of your drawing and slip in a few basic ideas of your vision -- a strap of leather, a couple of hover boosters. Just use your imagination -- how do you think technology will effect life?

Or, better yet, watch some cyberpunk stuff (Ghost in the shell) or read a cyberpunk book (I forgot the name. LOOK IT UP ON WIKIPEDIA), then incorporate that into the drawing (I am SO winging it on this).

Step 3: Keep Building Like a Troll (It's Not Supposed to Make Sense)

Finish up the styling here with the gadgets and generators. If I could give you anymore information, I would.

Step 4: Wired

Wires are essential to the cyberpunk community. They usually don't show like this unless a metal plate has been disrupted or the material is clear (Like so). A couple stray wires might poke out of the metal hide of something, but more than that might make the whole thing break down -- of course, this is just your imagination on paper, so there's nothing stopping you from doing as you wish.

Step 5: Computers

This might be an unnecessary add-in, but it fills some empty space when you can't put anything else in its place. Screened or holographic, the computer interface may seem unneeded in a solo being such as the punked Metroid. Just tell people not to question it.

Step 6: Shades

Shade things in and voila -- your piece is complete! If you complain enough, I will redo this project. If you think this was terrible, see my Draw: Steampunk for a better version of my work.

This originally was supposed to be a Shy Guy, but that proved difficult. So then I moved on to a Metroid. Thank you for reading, and that prune juice you are drinking will only increase your problems (But will yield instant relief after these "Problems"). Adieu.