Introduction: Draw a Baby Dragon Tee With My Paint Software

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I wanted to draw a baby dragon using My Paint software which is free.  Dowload it here.
  On the software's website I enjoyed looking at the artist's gallery filled with drawings from all over the world including Japan. Wow!  There many different styles from Manga to portraits.

With this instructable I hope to inspire you to draw a baby dragon that could make a delightful tee shirt.  This could make a sweet little gift.

My paint responds to mouse pad or laptop as well as graphic tablet  (mine monoprice).


my paint software (free)
GIMP (for editing) (free)

for tee shirt:
iron on sheets for your printer
printer ink
blank tee

Step 1: Step 1 Draw

Step one: Preparing your work area.   For the background click My Paint for the drop box menu to appear.  Choose layers click on back ground.  I chose gray linen but you could choose ruled paper or a plain background. On layer's tab choose plus sign to add a layer, that is clear but you can keep the bottom layer clean.  I chose Miranda marker ink from "all in one" pack for it's clean edge which was designed by  Ramon Miranda a famous artist who designed several brushes for My Paint.

Step 2: Steps 2, 3 Draw

Step 2:  Draw an arc for the dragon's neck. Draw an open oval shape for baby's head. Draw another arc for it's neck.  Draw an exaggerated "C" shape for each leg.

Step three:  Make a dragon's foot.  Click on the brush icon to adjust the brush size and scratch board icon to test it. (Note that in the photo the scratch board shows the puantilism brush) Draw the dragon's foot  Draw a curve for the dragon's back.

Step 3: Steps 4, 5

Step 4 Continue drawing the dragon's body.

Step 5: Adding color and shade.  I used a blending brush to melt the inside of the marker' edge to create shadows and volume.  I used puantilism brush from the Classic set in green color to create peat moss bed for my little beast.  For final touches in light green I used the Glow Airb brush over the dragon's body and peat moss.

If you would like to crop your image as an oval load it in GIMP and use the elipse select (oval icon in the tool set) then click and drag to select the image area.  Click edit then click copy.  Click edit then click paste as > paste as new image.  Your new image will be an oval vignette of your dragon.  Save it as a .png file to save the alpha channel's transparency.  If you choose you may load your printer with iron on transfer sheets for your printer and print it out then you can wear your dragon tee shirt or give it as a gift.

You can see mine here.