Introduction: Draw a Floor Plan of a Room or House

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Use Planner 5D to draw a free digital floor plan of a room or a house!

Planner 5D is available on any web browser (, and the app can also be used on other devices. You can download the app from the Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices and tablets. The app is also available for download on Windows and MacOS.

Step 1: Create an Account

Create an account, so you can save your 1st and any future designs!

Step 2: New Project

If you have an account, click on “New Project” to begin

Step 3: Default Room

Every project begins with a basic room template.

Step 4: Adjust the Size of the Room

You can adjust the size of the room by dragging the wall, or manually adjusting the distance between points using the box at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Drag Corners

Change the shape of the room by dragging the corner.

Step 6: Add More Rooms

Add more rooms by clicking and dragging your desired shape from the “Rooms” category at the left of your screen.

Step 7: Rename the Room

Rename the room by selecting the room on the project screen (it will become outlined in green) and select the new type from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen

Step 8: Use the Ruler

Use the Ruler to make sure your room measurements are accurate. Find the ruler tool in the toolbox on the right-hand side. Drop the ruler and drag the corners to measure walls and distances.

Step 9: Adding Windows and Doors

When you’ve finished your floor plan, you can start adding windows and doors from the “Construction” category. These items will automatically snap to walls. You can flip items and edit their features by selecting the item and clicking on the appropriate pop-out bubble. Hint: this is a great feature if you need your doors to open into the opposite room!

You can continue to edit the floor plan at any point during your project!

Step 10: See Design in 3D

Click “3D” to see your design in 3D.

Step 11: Print or Save As PDF

You can print or save your project as a PDF. Follow the pop-out instructions.

Step 12: Add Furniture, Decor, Landscape and More!

If you want to add more to your design than a floor plan, you can add furniture, decorations, landscape features, pets, people and more! Select the finishes for wallpaper, flooring, roofing and others. You can even edit the color, textures and sizes of the 3500+ items in the digital catalog.

Step 13: Use the Digital Catalog

Check out the items in the digital catalog - recreate your own room or home, or design the house of your dreams.

Step 14: Design in 3D

Use the 3D view to get a better sense of your design - change wallpaper colors, re-position furniture, adjust item sizes.... tons of customization options available!