Draw a Kitty




Introduction: Draw a Kitty

This cat is supposed to be a cartoon version of my cat Snickers.  I hope you like it!  This is my first instructable, so I'd appreciate any comments :) 

Step 1: Materials

You Need:
Red, green, orange, blue, black, brown, and yellow sharpie

Step 2: Sketch

In pencil, sketch the out line of the cat, start at the head and work your way down.  If It's a kitten, it should have rounded ears like the one in the picture, if its a cat it should have pointy ears.  Just focus on the various shapes in the cat, don't try to draw it all at once. 

Step 3: Outline

Go over the pencil line for the winking eye with black sharpie, use criss-crossing lines to go over the pencil lines for the body of the cat, and use curving lines to color in the paws.  Leave some white showing between lines if you want to add orange like I did.  The second pics show the lines up close so you can see the strokes.  The first one is the cat's side, the second is the cat's paw. 

Step 4: Color in Black

Draw a line with black down the center of the cat's body below the piece of wood the cat's top paws are on.  Draw lines curving down and left from the left side of the center line, and down and right from the right side. This is better explained in the second pic :)  Color in the tail.  pick a center point in the face then color it in using curved lines coming from the center point (third pic).  Leave a little room around the winking eye and the mouth (fourth pic) so they don't disappear in the fur.  Go over the pencil lines of the mouth, nose, and open eye.  Outline the head and ears.  Add a few cris-crossing lines around the head like you did around the body to make it look fluffy/furry.   

Step 5: Finish (almost!) Head

Color the ears with brown sharpie.  Color the open eye green, then put yellow over the green.  This will make it brighter and help it stand out more.  Color the center of the eye black.  Outline the bow with black, then color it red.  Go over the winking eye with blue, and the mouth with blue, this will help them stand out and not get lost in the fur.

Step 6: Add Orange

Add orange lines for fur (except on the tail) going in the same direction as the black fur lines,  add more black anywhere it looks to orange.

Step 7: Color the Wood Beam

Go over the pencil lines on the beam with black, you might want to use a ruler :)  Color the beam brown with straight lines, leaving some space in between the lines.  Fill in the spaces with yellow lines, this makes the wood look more natural.

Step 8: The End:)

The cat I was modeling this picture after is in the second pic.  She is hilarious!  If she could, she would constantly be winking at us like, " haha I know something you don't! :)"  She will lay on a bag or something on the ground then you can pic it up up and carry her in it.  That's what she's doing in the picture:) lol

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