Drawer Dividers



Introduction: Drawer Dividers

One problem with changing tables is that the drawers are huge and the child's clothes are about the size of my socks. The drawers are  not sectioned out at all. So I decided to make my own sections. This is my solution and process.

Step 1: Define Sections

I needed to figure out how many sections I wanted and how big I wanted them to be. The drawer is 32" wide, I put a 4" section for socks and other small articles of clothing and 4 sections at 7" each.
I measured out the length (12 3/4" for me) of each board.

I had a nice piece of wood from a bed-frame that I had found in a dumpster. This board was 6" long and so it was going to work great for 5 dividers.

Step 2: Prepare Wood

I didn't want to have the 1" thick wood as dividers, it would look a bit chunky in comparison to the rest of the drawer. I split it in half on the table saw and then sanded the existing finish off. I cut it to 5 lengths of 12 3/4" and placed them carefully in the drawer.

Step 3: Attach Dividers

After taking the finished face board off of the drawer I drilled holes on each side of the dividers and inserted 1" finish nails into the pre-drilled holes. I put a bit of carpenter's glue just to make sure the nails don't slide out. I also ran a bit of glue along the edge of each divider to fix it into place.

Step 4: Done!

Just wait for the glue to dry and then you can put the clothes back in well organized. Now we'll actually be able to find socks in the drawer for my son!

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