Introduction: Drawer Organizers

I need a way to keep all my drill bits in one place and not scattered around my shop so I looked on youtube to see if I could find a simple way to make little boxes Marius Hornberger had a great way of doing so he used his for small part organizers in drawers so you could make them what ever size you want to fit what you want to put in them.

Step 1: Cutting

I started by cutting a scrap 2x4 into 3/8 inch thick strips on my table saw and then with a miter box and hand saw I cut them to length. The box I am made was 8 6/8 inches by 3 inches and the board in the middle is a scrap 2x4 that I cut on the table saw as well and it is 3x1.5x8

Step 2:

the reason for the board in the middle is to keep the box square why the glue drys if you put packing tape on the board in the middle it is a lot easer to put it out because the glue squees out will not stick to the tape. I used just 2 clamps and let it sit for about two hours be for taking the clamps off and putting the bottom on you could also use rubber bands if you don't have camps or are making a lot of them

Step 3:

after letting the glue dry for about two hours I pulled the clamps off and took the middle board out and traced the out side of the box on a 1/4 inch plywood scrap then with a hand saw cut on the out side of the line so I could sand the bottom flush with the sides after the bottom was glued on

Step 4: Gluing on the Bottom

After the bottom was cut oversized I put some glue on the bottom of the sides laid the bottom on making sure there was an over hang on all sides then put four quart size paint cans on the bottom to hold it in place while the glue glue dried after the glue dried I used a router and a flush trim bit to flush the bottom to the sides