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Introduction: Drawer Shelving Unit

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I needed space in my garage with no budget and only things I needed organized or out. I decided to use an unwanted chest of drawers to make a shelf.

First, I painted the wall a contrasting yellow. Than I got to work on the self.

You'll need:

Draw/ or any premade squares
dry wall screws/ wood screws (evaluate your needs)
bracket ( depending on wall) This wall had an off center beam so I secured it twice.
Paint (optional)

I see a clear work bench soon!

Step 1: Drawer

I love this drawer because it is real wood, great art deco madallion on front and dove tail joints. 

Step 2: Bracing and Hanging

 You will be placing  brackets on back  bottom of drawer or  place pilot holes in bottom of drawer  to attach piece directly to wall.   All this depends on your wall and what will be on the shelf.  Please ask a professional to be sure the shelf is sturdy.  I have a photo of tools to help.

Step 3:

I cleaned it up and sanded it down, remove medalion on front. I placed blocks as braces in the corners to stabalize. My blocks were scrap wood but you could use metal braces. I used wood screws to hold the blocks.  You can see I attached the blocks from the back and side with the screws.  I also painted mine a brigh turquoise blue. You may opt to keep you wood unpainted depending on you needs.  I needed afew coats to achieve this look. 

Step 4:

You can use any combination for drawers I like these because the wood work is very nice it is worth salvaging because it is real wood.
You can stack the pieces in any direction, horizontal or vertical. They can also be stacked on top of another shelf or on a table. This oreintaion worked for me.

I placed two drawers one on top of the other.  The drawers are screwed into the wall and I used brakets to give extra stability frim underneath.  I needed to use plaster screws because the beam was off center. 

Please consult a pro to decide how to place on you wal.  I alsl have a photo of a shelf paced on another shelf to give more storage on top. This could be placed on a table to as well.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    As soon as I have a junky dresser just lying around, they're as good as shelves.