Introduction: Drawing CREATURES!

Heya! I'm Megan, an aspiring graphic designer, and I'm going to teach you some easy ways to draw amazing, fantastical beasts!
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Enjoy ♥

Step 1: Method One: Scribbletastic!

1) Lightly scribble all over the location where you want your creature to be. Run wild- let your inner beast take over!

2) This is where your creativity comes in: trace over the lines you want to keep in pen. These will be the outline of your creature!

3) Erase the extra lines. We don't need those anymore.

4) Colour this baby up! The world's just not the same when everything is dull and colourless now, is it?

5) And there you have it! But what if those scribbles seem nothing more than a mess on your page to you? Well here we move on to...

Step 2: Method Two: Mess!

1) Feast your eyes upon the clutter of my desk. This is possibly how yours looks: a total mess. Mess, or INSPIRATION? That's right. We'll be using the mess of your desk to create a beast!

2) Pick out at least three things you like from your desk. If your desk is too tidy to do so, then you can use my desk (above). Imagine: what could that be? Perhaps that sock there could be a head? And maybe that bottle could be its body? A nose? Its ear lobe shape? What COULD it be?
Draw the possibilities on a piece of scrap paper.

3) Now put these concepts together by drawing them lightly in pencil, so you can rub them out if you're not happy with it. Don't have enough ideas to make a whole monster? Then come up with more! Can't think up any more ideas? Find more objects!

4) When you are happy with your beast, again, outline it in pen...

5) ... and colour it in!

Step 3: Method Three: Hybrids!

1) Take your three favourite animals (mine are snake, dog and spider). Draw them on a scrap piece of paper if you want to have a visual copy of them, as this is good practice for before you start drawing them.

2) Combine them! Sometimes it's tricky, so chanting like a witch might help.
A Spakog!
It doesn't have to rhyme. Just be creative!

3) Trace the creature onto your drawing.

3) Now outline and colour!

Step 4: Colour and Texture

Fur- With your coloured pencil, colour the space with lines. It doesn't matter if there are gaps:they are used to add texture to the fur.

Smooth- It helps to use a soft pencil for this. Colour in small circles, making sure there are no gaps left behind.

Scales- Pressing hard with the pencil, cross-hatch in the space you want to colour. Go over the gaps lightly in pencil.

Eyes- You want these to be kept nice and smooth, with a small shine in them.

Shadow- Make your creature's shadow a light, smooth ellipse. If it is airborne, put the shadow on the ground and make it much smaller (see picture 5 above). The higher it is from the ground, the smaller the shadow. The larger the creature is, the larger the shadow.

That's all I have to say.

I hope this instructable has helped! Adios!