Introduction: Drawing, Grid Method

An easy method to duplicate a printed image to create a drawing or painting. You will need an image you want to replicate, a ruler (metric works best), pencil, and medium upon which you want to draw/paint.

Step 1: Drawing, Grid Method

A photocopy works best, do not deface a book to do this!

Step 2:

With a pencil extend lines from the topmost, bottom most, furthest right, and furthest left points of the image. Divide this "box" into quarters. Using the vertical and horizontal measurements determine the ratios: in my case the image measured 116mm by 46mm: 116/46=2.52, 46/116=.39.

Step 3:

I decided I wanted the finished horizontal measurement to be 100mm so
100x.39=39mm. I drew a box 100mm wide by 39mm high and divided it into quarters. You can use this method to create a drawing any size larger, smaller, or the same. You could also start with a finished vertical measurement if you wish by multiplying it by it's opposite ratio number.

Step 4:

Next I copied each box individually from the boxes on the original image to the boxes on my drawing.

Step 5:

After finishing the drawing in pencil I went over the lines in ink and erased the original pencil lines and, in this case, added watercolor. You can use this method on paper or canvas and finish with your medium of choice.

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