Drawing a Cartoon Fox

Introduction: Drawing a Cartoon Fox

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Hello, today I will show how to draw a relatively easy cartoon fox.

the tools needed for this are

1. Paper (duh)

2. a Pencil

and finally, a pen to finish it up.

Step 1: Base

first, you will need to draw a circle.

Step 2: Forehead

now you will need to draw 2 lines, one coming almost horizontal to the top of the head, the other going down a bit and curving.

Step 3: Top of the Muzzle

now you will continue sideways from that last line you drew, making the top of the muzzle. curve down a bit and angle inwards.

Step 4: Lip

ok, now make a V shape going towards the main base for the head. do not make it too big.

Step 5: Lower Muzzle

ok, now draw a curved line leading from that little V and continue towards the head, stopping a bit past the circle base.

Step 6: Fur Edge

ok, draw a line starting a bit after the lower muzzle's end line and make a jagged edge leading out from the middle of the circle. gradually bring in the ragged edge towards the top of the circle.

Step 7: Ear 1

start a bit below where we left off with the jagged edge and draw a curved line leading up.

Step 8: Ear 1

now curve down towards the main circle, making sure to bow out a bit before the end.

Step 9: Still Ear 1

now draw a curved V inside the ear, making the inner edge of the ear.

Step 10: Top of the Head.

now draw a line starting a bit after where the first forehead line touches the circle.

Step 11: Top of the Head

now draw a line turning the last line we drew into a curved V. follow the previous line to make the shape right.

Step 12: Top of the Head

now draw some more lines to create the fur on top of the fox's head, stopping only at the edge of the ear.

Step 13: Neck Fur.

ok, now draw a lot of curved lines going down from the jaw where it meets the circle to simulate fur.

Step 14: Back of the Neck

ok, now do the same technique for the back of the head starting a bit above the bottom of the ear.

Step 15: The Lip

now draw a curved line going inwards toward the circle, stopping at the circle itself.

Step 16: The Nose

ok, draw a small line a bit below the top of the muzzle, and quite a ways from the front of the muzzle.

Step 17: Nose

now draw a line going down a bit, stopping at the front of the muzzle.

Step 18: Nose

now draw a curved line extending from the front of the muzzle, and ending a bit after the top.

Step 19: Nose

now draw a curved line that leads to the top of that little line that started the nose.

Step 20: Ear 2

now draw a curved line starting in the middle of ear 1's edge, making the second ear's first edge.

Step 21: Ear 2

now continue down, making another upside down V.

Step 22: The Eye

draw a line starting at the edge of the main circle, and in the middle of the second forehead line.

Step 23: The Eye

now make a V with that previous line, and stop when it touches the circle's edge.

Step 24: The Eye

draw a curved line in the sideways V, just a bit from the ends of the V

Step 25: The Eye

now darken two spots outside the curved line.

Step 26: The Eye

now draw two circles in the eyes. make sure to not include the whole circle.

Step 27: The Eye

now fill up the inner circle with either your pencil or pen.

Step 28: The Eye(brow)

draw a curved line above the eye to make the eyelid.

Step 29: The Eye(brow)

now make two lines(like a V) towards the back of the eye. add a line to connect the V. fill in the eyebrow.

Step 30: Lip

curve down a bit, starting from the end of the previous line for the lip.

Step 31: Lip

now draw a line that touches the lip.

Step 32: Lip

and finally add a line leading towards the eye.

Step 33: Inner Ear

now draw fur details inside the ear.

Step 34: A Completed Drawing

and there you have it, a cartoon fox! add more fur details and fill in the nose. color your fox anyway you want. hope you enjoyed this instructable, please leave a comment and favorite!

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