Introduction: Drawing a Giraffe

Let's learn how to draw this giraffe!!

We'll use basic shapes as the initial building blocks of our drawing and then we will make small adjustments to add greater detail to our picture!

Move on to the next step to see what you will need!

Step 1: Prep

What you'll need for this instructable:

  • A blank piece of paper
  • A sharp pencil
  • An eraser
  • Colored Pencils (Optional)
  • And five minutes to complete!

Let's get started!!

Step 2: Draw a Few Circles

Start out by drawing three circles on the paper.

Draw a moderately sized circle in the middle of the paper along with similar sized circles directly above and adjacently to the right as shown in the picture.

Also draw two small circles slightly above the highest circle.

Step 3: Draw Some Ovals

Okay now let's do some ovals.

In the largest circle on the top of the paper, draw an oval diagonally so that the bottom end of the oval sticks out of the circle.

Draw a small oval below the rightmost circle of the page. Also make sure to draw this oval vertically.

Step 4: Rectangles

Alright, we are getting a bit closer but it's still not looking like we want quite yet. Let's connect some of the circles together!

On the large circle at the top of the page, draw two small rectangles which will connect to the two small circles just above it.

Draw a larger rectangle which will connect the center circle and the large circle above it.

On each of the larger circles towards the bottom of the page, draw two skinny vertical rectangles (2 per circle). Be sure that these rectangles don't touch each other.

Step 5: A Little Football

Now let's add just a little something for our giraffe's ear

Draw a football shaped oval diagonally starting slightly within the large circle at the top. Make the top end stick out just to the side of the large circle

Step 6: Connect the Shapes

Now let's connect the shapes together!

Draw a line with a slight curve that connects the rightmost circle and the rectangle connecting the center circle and the top circle.

Also draw a perpendicular line connecting just below the two larger circles.

On the right most circle draw two curved lines from the top of the circle and connect it to the oval just below it.

Step 7: Erase Some of the Excess Lines

Now let's erase some of the stuff we don't need in our picture.

Go to the head of the giraffe and erase all the lines within the large circle and the large oval

Also erase all the lines within the body and neck of the giraffe.

Step 8: Add a Little More Detail

Now this is looking a lot more like the giraffe we want it to look like! Let's add a few more details to make it look a little better!

On the 2nd leg of the giraffe make the vertical lines go a little higher within the giraffe's body. Be sure to erase the line between them to make it "merge" with the body.

On the right most leg of the giraffe add a little curve starting at the middle of the leg going up into the body. Also be sure to erase any lines that are covering the leg at all.

Step 9: Giraffe Head and Legs

This is looking good! We are almost there!

Now let's add a small oval to the nose of the giraffe as well as a small circle for our giraffe's eye.

Also add a small line slightly above the bottom of each of the giraffe's legs.

Step 10: Giraffe's Eye

Now let's add a curve within the front end of the eye to make it a little more realistic.

Step 11: Giraffe Skin

Now add some random shapes to the body of your giraffe.

You could add polka dots or you could do random patterns of any shape you want!

Step 12: Last One, Fill in the Colors!

We're here! Now for the finishing touch! Some color!

Fill in the nose and eye as well as the hooves of the giraffe with your black pencil.

You can also add some color to the rest of your giraffe. (Optional)

And there you have it!! Great Job!!!