Introduction: Drawing in Excel

How to draw a real vector art? I found one funny way to draw a real vector art. Don't know if it will be of any help to anybody or not. So here it goes.

Step1:Open excel and select 2 column and start a scatter chart.
Step2:Set the max and min of the chart axix as per your image complexity
Step3:Download any image that you want to coppy and place it behind the chart (don't forget to set the chart backgroung to transparent)
Step4:Now enter the x and y coordinated in the two columns you selected (just use your judgement. You can allways go back and change the coordinates)
Step5:When all the points are plotted your image is done. Remove the image from the back and enjoy your masterpiece.

Don't forget to change the line color. You can overlap multiple charts to make a complex art. Also you can enter more coordinates to create a good finish. And don't forget to post your masterpiece if you make one.