Drawing the Eye




Introduction: Drawing the Eye

All you will need is paper and a #2 pencil.

First draw a upward arching line with a small half loop at one end.

Next draw a downward arching line starting at the half loop and connecting to the other end of the upper line.

Next drawing 2 arching lines for the outer edge of the iris now draw a circle for the pupil.

Next you need to draw 5 lines to represent the major creases of the eye. Draw 2 at the bottom edge and upper edge of the eye. Now draw a small arching line above the eye to represent the curve of the eye.

Next you need to draw the eyebrow. First staring at the left upper corner scribble a arching line at a

slight angel from left to right that starts off thick and ends thin.

Now you need to add details and blend your shadows. First color in the pupil make sure to keep a small part blank to represent a reflection. Next using your finger or a Q-tip run it along the line the represents the outer edge of the iris. Make sure as you do this that you are pulling it toward the pupil, now do the same with the crease line and both corners of the eye. Next draw a few lines at the upper right edge of the eye for the eyelashes.

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