Introduction: Dream Catcher

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You will need:

• thin string
• beads
• hot glue gun or glue
• feathers
• clay
• oven

Step 1: Take Your Clay and Shape It Into a Circle

Then bake it for 15 minuets and at 275 degrees.

Step 2: Take Your Yarn and Hot Glue It to the to and Middle of Your Circle As Shown

Then take it and wrap it around the circle. Make sure you wrap it tight and with no gaps. When you are done glue it where you started.

Step 3: Then Take Your String and Glue It to the Center of the Circle, Leaving About 4 Inches of String at the Top.

Step 4: Take the String and Loop It Under and Over the Hoop, and Being the String Through the Loop (just Follow the Picture). Make Sure to Leave About One Inch of Space in Between Each Loop. Add Beads Along the Way for Extra Prettiness :)

Step 5: Continue Doing the Same Loop You Did Before, This Time Doing It in the Middle of the Existing Loops

Add more beads as desired.

Step 6: After You Have Looped Almost All the Way to the Center, Tie a Knot and Then Hot Glue Any Extra Beads You Would Like.

Step 7: Adding the String With a Feather:

Measure the length of string you would like, and then double it ( only for the brown yarn ). For the green embroidery string do not double it. In the middle of the brown yarn, tie on the green string, and place it where you would like the string on the Dreamcatcher following the picture above.

Step 8: Finishing the String With a Feather:

Braid the three strings together and when it has reached the length you wanted tie a knot. Push a bead up to the middle of the string. Hot glue the feathers to the knot, and add an extra dot of hot glue on top of where you just put hot glue. Then push the bead down onto the knot. The extra hot glue you put will make sure the bead stays in place.

Step 9: Repeat for All Five Braided Strings - Make Sure to Make Them All Different Lengths!

Now it's time to hot glue extra shells, beads, pearls, or whatever you want!

Step 10: You Are Finished!

Comment and post pictures on how it turned out!

Step 11: Please Vote for Me! & Check Out My Other Instructables!

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