Introduction: Dream Catcher Clock

In this Instructable, we will go through how to build a dreamcatcher clock.

Step 1: Make Your Clock Face

The first thing you should do is get your wood together. I decided to use walnut for my clock face. Thickness can vary but you do not want to get wood that is too thick to work with. After you have selected your wood, its time to outline your circle. I decided to have my clock face 15 inches in diameter. A protractor is very helpful during this part. After you've got it outlined, just cut it out of the wood. This is much easier said than done. I ended up using a very nice handsaw that I found in the shop I was working in, and after a few unsuccessful attempts, was able to cut the circle out almost perfectly and just had to shape it up a little. You can choose to stain your wood after if you want. I used a dark walnut stain.

Step 2: Make Hoops for Dreamcatcher

To make the hoops for the dream catcher, you will need to get some spoils of pretty thin wire. I decided on black for my hoops. To start off, form the wire into a circle then cut it with a little excess. Use the excess to wrap the wire together connecting the circle and making sure it stays together. Then, add 2 more layers of wire around the entire circle. This helps the hoop to remain stable and keep its shape. Repeat this process and make 2 more hoops.

Step 3: Make Wire Netting

To make the netting in the center of the dreamcatchers, we will use the same wire that we used to make the hoops. Simply tie the wire around the hoop and then string it around the hoop, twisting it around the hoop to connect it as you weave your design. Repeat this process for all 3 dreamcatchers.

Step 4: Add Leather to Dreamcatchers

I ordered some leather string off of Amazon to wrap around the outside of my hoops to give it more of a traditional look. Its the same idea as making the hoops. Just wrap the leather string along the outside of the hoops, and tie it on when you get it completely covered and cut off any excess. Repeat this process for all 3 dreamcatchers.

Step 5: Drill Holes in Clock Face

The next step is to drill 3 holes in the clock face so we can attach our dreamcatchers to the clock. The clock is 15 inches in diameter so drill the first hole at 3 and 3/4 inches. The hole should be big enough to allow the leather string to pass through it. The second hole should be drilled at 7 and 1/2 inches. The third hole should be drilled at 11 and 1/4 inches.

Step 6: Add Actual Clockface

The next step is to add the actual clock face to the clock (numbers, minute hand, etc.). I found one at Walmart that came with all the clock hands I need also.

Step 7: Attach Dreamcatchers to Clock

The final step to making your very own dreamcatcher clock is to attach the dreamcatcher to the clock using the leather string. Simply run the leather string through the holes you drilled and tie the string onto the clock and onto the dreamcatchers.