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Hello and warm welcome to my all instructables members. So here I introduced you to my eighth instructables named Dream desk. If you like my idea than don’t forget to like, share, vote and follow me for more fantastic projects like this. Don’t forget to comment your personal thoughts about my dream desk because it means a lot to me.

The idea for building this desk come from my previous desk project, which you can see on my instructables page( )The layout of desk is almost similar to previous desk but have some major changes. Although I started building my second dream desk, but I think it took a lot of my time to fulfill. I started with the base legs which are in the shape of iron man. The things I include in my desk is my all-time favorite. So I think this is the right way to keep them always in front of my eyes.

There is nothing too much for me to talk in this project right now but I think after completion of the project I need to wrote a book on desk making because I think there is a lot of work to do in this project.

This design is only used for inspection purpose to see whether I am going in right way or not.

Step 1: Base Legs

So start with the base I chose to make it little bit different. I chose iron man face for the bottom legs. Because bottom portion of face is wide enough to give it a rigid support. Although I started making this desk so I tell you little bit about making. I cut out two pieces of iron man face one for front and other is for back portion and use that as a spacer. Now I glued ply around those spacers and clamped that tightly. Although I show that thing in the complete build. So stay tuned for that too. Inside that face I use that leg as a space holder so I installed drawers inside that and install push rudder inside that. Although I didn’t finish that but I go for complete iron man theme red and gold.

Step 2: Desk Top

Desk top portion made with alder wood having golden color init. The edge banding made with blood wood.

Step 3: Shelf

Batman cupboard.

The batman shelf itself contain rgb led inside it. The making of batman shelf is similar to the iron man face except in front side it has a diffused glass which diffuse the light very well.

Top shelf

Along with the batman shelf at the top I have the l shaped shelf. It full fill so much of my need. In the front side, I installed speakers grill all are custom made by me. Under the shelf there is light installed which provide enough light to work on the desk. The top position of the shelf used for keeping my collectibles on them.

Step 4: Republic of Gamers Logo

This is my all-time favorite logo. I used this for just

decorative purpose. The front portion is made up of diffused glass and inside it there is rgb led installed.

Step 5: Cabinet

I am a huge fan of msi and its component. Although I don’t have any msi component inside my pc. But in this cabinet I used msi product and made a water cooled pc. The cabinet body completely made up of aluminium having custom paint job over stay tuned for that project.

Step 6: Tripple Monitor Setup

At the top of the desk i mounted 3 ultra-wide curved monitors. The total display resolution is 10320X1440 and i think that was good enough to do gaming multitasking and rendering work.

As you know it took time to build so there may be a chance that i will update anything but in the end i am sure that you see a desk which leaves your jaws open.Thanks for supporting us.

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