Introduction: Dream Shelf With Lots of Good Luck!

I love elephants! When they have their trunk up, they are supposed to be good luck. I created this elephant for a "sense" project. We were given the task to create something around our 5 senses. My dreams are perceived via my senses, and they will come true when good luck is with them. So I created a shelf elephant to store my dreams and provide them good luck!

You will need:
- you favorite form of dream catching shape/form/animal/whatever.
- an iPad with the 123dCatch app
- the Meshmixer software
- the 123dMake app (can use on desktop application)
- Cardboard
- access to a laser cutter
- some yellow felt? (for this elephant!)

Step 1: Catch and Clean!

Use 123dcatch to make a 3D file of the object. I used an iPad to take images and to process the catch.

This image shows that my catch turned out extremely well - this is the 3D view. You can access this project here. In order to create this as a real object, it's important to clean it up so that we have exactly what we need before we move forward. Download the Mesh package file from your catch.

Download the meshmixer software ( and import the OBJ file from your Mesh package into meshmixer.

To do this, open meshmixer and click File > Import.

In order to clean up your OBJ file, you will need to work with some of the Meshmixer features. This tutorial shows it best.

Step 2: Make and Assemble!

Use the 123d Make desktop version - this is import or else you will not be able to create the "shelves" as seen in this object. Import your final cleaned OBJ file into the software and pick "interlocked" as your final version. 

Increase the slices you'd like in x and y axis and be sure to pick the size of your shelved object.

Download the .EPS file to get ready to cut the pieces. Cut the pieces of the object using a laser cutter and assemble!

Finally, cut two little ears for your elephant out of yellow felt and stick them on for fun!