Introduction: Dreaming of the Sphynx

My name is Nichol, (DOB: 07/21/1980) and I’d like to start a business!  Somewhere to relax and recharge, primp and prime…in an environment that provides some much needed vacation time! 

***Please note: taping was done in various places~I currently do not have a place to call my own, I work in a chain spa/salon/store presently***

U.S. workers spend 300 more hours at work each year than Western Europeans…

In 1980 we ranked 11th in the world in longevity—now we’re 42nd…

We’re twice as likely as Europeans to suffer from anxiety and depression.  Many experts believe these deficits are caused by lack of time…
                   Take a few hours for yourself at Sphynx “Day” Stination Spa!

My interest in body waxing led me to attend school to become an Esthetician.  Originally when thinking of what I’d like to do I simply wanted to open a waxing shop and call it Sphynx.  But as I learned more and saw the affects of proper skin care and relaxation, my plans started to change!  I want to do more than just provide smooth hairless skin.  I want to offer a path to healthy skin all over the body, and a healthy state for the mind.  So here I am with all these ideas!

Mentioned above, we don’t take time for ourselves…I want to encourage people to MAKE that time…take a half day…or stop by on your way home to take a little vacation.

I’d like the location to feel like you aren’t close to home after you walk through the doors.  I’d love for it to have rooms decorated in a way that inspires you to escape.  I will offer treatments to relax your mind, as I (and my staff eventually) beautify and nourish the skin.  We will provide all the benefits and feel of a destination spa, with the convenience of a day spa.

After reading about the Independence Project in an email my mind started turning even more.  What if I submitted a video?!  What if I won….I’d  want to thank them!  I began to think of ways to tie Jack Daniels into a spa environment.  I realized what better way to start relaxing than with some Old No. 7 to sip on prior to your service!  Then it was decided….I’d like to offer a “7” facial in honor of the most popular whiskey Jack Daniels offers.  It would start with a glass of Old No. 7 (optional and as long as it’s legal), followed by a personalized 7 step facial treatment. I’d of course open my spa in a county that’s not dry…

“Why do you have a whiskey barrel in a spa?” Being able to share the story of my business start up would be so much fun!  I’d also share that Mr. Jack and I both love what we do, dream big and stand round about the same height…well, that’s what my driver’s license states!  Then one day down the road, I’d love to buy a barrel and get some private label whiskey to serve my clients! (If Jack Daniels would rather that I not offer this for whatever reason, I would refrain).

That being said, I’d love to be a part of the Independence Project! I would use the money to purchase additional equipment and supplies to create an amazing environment. It will take a lot of work, dedication and planning to make my dream a reality, I understand this. I look forward to my future of Independence!

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